The pleasure that comes from slowing down and cooking with simple ingredients. 



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'I love it, a truly brilliant first book' – Jamie Oliver


'I love Ostro – real food and life-enhancing' – Nigella Lawson



'Judge this book by its cover: a big cake, glasses of something fizzy and fun, a big loaf of bread, a random pumpkin, crushed linen and Julia Busuttil Nishimura sitting amongst it all, looking supremely relaxed. Cut us a slice. The dish: a dependable cabbage salad' – Pat Nourse, Australian Gourmet Traveller

'Ostro is a distillation of her Maltese heritage, Italian sensibilities and Australian upbringing' – Australian Gourmet Traveller

'If you are a lover of Italian and Mediterranean flavours, then you must get this book. It oozes love from every page, the one ingredient you can't buy.' – Silvia Colloca, cookbook author and tv presenter

'A rather delicious-looking cookbook...grounded, soulful' – John Lethlean, The Australian

'Melbourne-based Italian food writer Julia Busuttil Nishimura provides the most wonderful interpretations of dishes from Italy and the Mediterranean that are both recognisable and innovative. This is classy, quirky – and perfect for anyone of us wanting to remember that life is, in the end, about friendships and family' – Readings Bookstore

'You can almost taste the flavours as you read Julia's words, and if you're a fan of rustic style cooking, I have no doubt that you will love it as much as I do' – Belinda Jeffery, cookbook author and cooking teacher

'A generous serving of fresh ingredients, simply cooked, made to be shared.' – Julie Hosking, The West Australian

'Classy, quirky and perfect for any of us wanting to remember that life is about friendships and family.' – Chris Gordon, events manager, Readings Books


Awards and recognition

ABIA Book Awards 2018. Shortlisted (Illustrated Book of the year)

ABIA Book Awards 2018. Longlisted (Illustrated Book of the year)

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Aus Indie Book Awards 2018. Longlisted (Illustrated Non-Fiction)

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Number 1 cookbook for 2017 as voted by both staff and customers at Readings. 

Number 1 cookbook at My Bookshop by Corrie Perkin

Number 33 on Best Seller list for all books at Readings for 2017.


‘My approach to food favours intuition over strict rules and is about using your hands, rushing a little less and savouring the details. It’s not food that needs to be placed on a pedestal or admired from afar; it is food that slowly weaves its way into the fabric of your daily life - food for living and sharing.’ 


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